Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SEC Rankings week 11

Short, but to the point...

1) Tennessee- probably a lock to be here all season although losing last night was unexpected.
2) Ole Miss- suprising loss to the fightin' Lebos, but still the 2nd best team in the conference.
3) Florida- I still don't know how good they are, but they keep winning.
4) Vanderbilt- demolished by Tennessee.
5) Mississippi State- winners of 8 in a row.
6) Auburn- Lebo is still getting the most out of his team.
7) Georgia- Good win over the struggling Hogs.
8) South Carolina- Dave Odom's last hurrah... slightly better than mediocre play.
9) Arkansas- questionable substitution moves by Pelphrey... they should be better than this.
10) Kentucky- I can't believe they're still under .500. Good win over the Vols though.
11) Alabama- Only LSU can keep us from the bottom.
12) LSU- it's a race between Brady and CMG for the coach on the hottest seat.


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Alias said...

Nice try there, Sinbad! I've got to admit that spamming sports related blogs could be a pretty good marketing scheme, provided the spammer actually spoke the language of the bloggers.

I'd like to make some snide reference linking you to one of our opponents, but all of them are playing better than our boys are right now. I think I'll stop now before I dig my hole even deeper.

DJC said...

You don't need gripstik. Just stop "gripping your stick" so frequently. Work on your English and maybe you can actually get a girl. Good luck.

bobbyjack said...

LOL... I step away for 2 days and this pops up.

Anonymous said...

Poor rahul. Grip that stick long enough, young man, and all sorts of wonderful things will come flying out.