Sunday, January 27, 2008

SEC Rankings week 12

1) Tennessee- coasted to an easy win over the Dawgs. Next up- @ Tuscaloosa (Tues).
2) Florida- as I write this they're killing Vandy in Gainesville. The young team is starting to gel. Next up- @ Arkansas (Sat).
3) Mississippi State- 9 in a row... and blowing out Ole Miss was impressive. Next up- @ Arkansas (Wed).
4) Ole Miss- I thought they'd play Miss St closer. Next up- Vandy (Wed).
5) Vandy- unless something changes they will have lost 3 of their last 4. Next up- a fight for the #4 spot in the Bamahoops SEC Rankings @ Ole Miss.
6) Arkansas- good win @ LSU. This week is a big week for the Hogs to prove if they're pretenders or contenders. Next up- Miss St (Wed).
7) Kentucky- the bottom half of the SEC is dreadful. Still UK is 3-2 in conference. Next up- @ UGA (Sat).
8) UGA- the tailkicking at UT is the start of their reality check. Next up- @ South Carolina (Wed).
9) Auburn- they suck, but have 2 conference wins. Next up- LSU
10) Alabama- much needed blowout of Auburn, but questions still remain. Next up- Tennessee (Tue).
11) South Carolina- their 273 fans are counting the days to Dave Odom's retirement. Next up- vs UGA (Wed).
12) LSU- Shorthanded, but still shouldn't suck as bad as they have been. Glen Johnson returns shortly and should provide a boost. Next up- @ Auburn.

The SEC looks like C-USA in most years with one dominant team, a couple of "ok" teams, and a fistful of hot garbage. For those new to following Alabama (and SEC) basketball this was the wrong year to take up following basketball. I might have to direct you to some Big 12 and Big East games coming up to see what great basketball look like.

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