Sunday, January 06, 2008

SEC Rankings week 9

1) Tennessee- Clearly the class of the SEC. Probably the only real threat in the conference of making the Final Four.
2) Ole Miss- nice story... I bet Cincy is kicking themselves for not hiring Andy Kennedy.
3) Vanderbilt- good win over an underrated UMass squad.
4) Florida- 'cause there's no one else better to put here.
5) Auburn- we'll know more about Lebo's bunch today at home vs Xavier.
6) Arkansas- really nice road win against Baylor.
7) Mississippi State- currently on a 4 game winning streak.
8) Alabama- hideous loss to Clemson. Still... better than the ones below (which is not saying much).
9) Georgia- played tough against Gonzaga.
10) LSU- Texas A&M took them to school. John Brady might be in trouble.
11) South Carolina- another impressive home loss to UNC-Asheville (sarcasm off). Is Dave Odom on cruise control?
12) Kentucky- I bet UK fans are yearning for the days of crappy offense and winning ugly from their previous coach.

SEC Standings
Vanderbilt 0-0 15-0
Tennessee 0-0 12-1
Florida 0-0 13-2
Georgia 0-0 8-4
South Carolina 0-0 8-6
Kentucky 0-0 6-7

Ole Miss 0-0 13-0
Auburn 0-0 9-2
Arkansas 0-0 11-3
Alabama 0-0 11-4
Mississippi St. 0-0 9-5
LSU 0-0 7-7

This is as bad as I've seen the SEC since 2002. For us to make the tournament we'll have to go 10-6 in conference and do well in the SECT. As of right now I rate us 4th in the west... 5th if Auburn somehow beats Xavier today.

Update- Auburn clinches the 5th spot... got hammerred by Xavier. I think they're down to 6 scholarship players so they have an excuse.

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