Saturday, January 19, 2008

State beats Tide 66-56... now 0-4 in conference

Another terrible day from beyond the arc. We keep shooting ourselves in the foot in the midst of a comeback. Case in point... down by 4 late and driving, Pickett fakes a 3, drives, and turns the ball over which results in 2 the other way on the fast break. The game was truly over then.

Box Score

The good:
- CMG did try to confuse State by using different looks defensively
- Hendrix was a beast inside.

The bad:
- 3 point shooting (2-14)
- FT shooting (14-24)
- Jamont Gordon went off

This has the makings of being a really long season. If we don't beat Auburn we could be staring at 0-6 to start conference play. On the bright side we're not last in the SEC by ourselves... LSU is also AUful.

A lot of fans were disguised as seats today. I think that tells you all you need to know about how disgruntled fans are right now.


Alias said...

Another inexcuseable, embarassing loss at home. The only positive thing I see in this is that the roads were iced north of Thomasville so I turned around and went home after driving a little over half the way to the game.

bobbyjack said...

Better for your BP not being there live... although I'm at the point that losses don't bother me anymore.