Monday, January 28, 2008

Tennessee stats pack

First, their individual stats.
Next, team stats. I'm going to use this site going forward. AUsome site for data.

We know about Lofton from outside, the 3 Smiths (JaJuan, Tyler, and Ramar) and Chism inside, but don't forget about JP Prince and Duke Crews off the bench. Tennessee is not scared to play 10 and sometimes even more. Chances are they'll run everyone and their mother out there to rattle us after a made basket.

The stats:
- 46.6% FG
- 35.4% 3PT FG
- 19.9 Assist per game
- 12.5 turnovers per game
- Rebound margin of -2.9

- Force 20.4 turnovers per game
- 3.4 Blocks
- 10.9 steals

Prediction: PAIN

Ok, let me elaborate... unless we shoot lights out like we did against Auburn I fear Tennessee will run us out of the building in the 2nd half. They'll run more players at us forcing numerous turnovers. If we can't beat Mississippi State, Florida, Clemson or Belmont at home I don't like our chances Tuesday night. Tennessee by a lot late.


MSmilie said...

I agree, this is going to be one heck of a tough game to win. However, and I'm not predicting anything here, I believe Alabama is capable of playing with a lot of teams in the country if they come out and compete. I think Tennessee is a final four caliber club, but they've looked shaky at times this year against good and inferior competition. Let's just say it wouldn't surprise me if Bama pulled off the upset.

Anonymous said...

The difference between a great team and a decent team in this league isn't much. Tennessee just needs to be taken out of their offensive gameplan and Bama needs to handle the Vols' relentless pressure defense. It needs to turn into a grinder of a game, ala the Vols' game against Kentucky.

This game is more winnable than you think. However, a loss is still more probable than a win.

DJC said...

Is that Mrs. Pearl-necklace? Sweathog Bruce did pretty well for himself from what I can see. Wonder which one of those two has bigger boobs though.

bobbyjack said...

I think we can beat Tennessee IF a lot of things go our way. 45% from 3, 55% FG, under 15 turnovers, and keeping the game under 80 would go a long way for an upset.

I just don't think all (or most) of those things are going to happen. I sure as heck hope I'm wrong.

I really believe we have the talent to play with them... we just don't use 'em right.

Anonymous said...

Well, jeezus Christ, guys, tied up at halftime and Alabama comes out and turns the freaking ball over a thousand times.

You realize Bama would be leading right now instead of being in a tight one if they could hold onto the goddamn ball and sink a few free throws? Help a brother out here.

bobbyjack said...

Now you feel our pain gatorpilot and that pain is real.