Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To change things up... what the starting lineup should be for Alabama

PF- Hendrix
SF- Jemison
C- Coleman
PG- Torrance
SG- Gee

I'm sure the congregation is saying, "WTF, are you on drugs?" Let me explain. We have an athletic team that can run but doesn't so if we're not running then we should field the best half court team we can.

Obviously, Hendrix and Gee are givens (even though at times I'd like to see Gee get more pine time for ill-advised shots), but what about the rest. Torrance is our best defender playing the point. Some might argue Hollinger is, but he's a liability against bigger guards. Pickett should be the 1st off the bench. I know he's shown flashes of brilliance at the point, but overall I just don't think he's ready to log 30+ minutes leading this team.

Coleman is AUful on the offensive side, but could bring something defensively in the middle. You know... maybe someone to intimidate all those uncontested drives. He might foul out early, but heck... we get something out of him.

Jemison IMO could become a bigger offensive threat if once in a while we run a play for him. He's regressed a bit from last season, but not for a lack of effort.

As for the bench... 1st set of substitutions should be Pickett, Riley, and Hollinger for Gee, Torrance, and Coleman. Bring back Gee (with Knox) to give Hendrix and Jemison a breather. Mix and match from there... maybe adding Tubbs and Hillman in and out.

I know some of this is "crazy talk" but what we're putting out there right now isn't getting the job done. I know defense has never been the calling card for our team under CMG, but right now it's about the only chance we have so somewhat salvage what's left of this season.

While I'm making "crazy talk," a shift in philosophy could get us into the NCAA tournament via the SECT. The SEC is really weak this year and anyone can win the tourney... including us. I'm not holding my breath or anything... just want to put that small glimmer of hope out there.


DJC said...

I don't know that I want Coleman starting, and I would imagine this team may even be worse at defending the perimeter than what we have out there now, if that is possible.

I wouldn't be opposed to starting an extra guard over Jemison and going small, In that case, Torrance over Pickett at point wouldn't be a bad option, assuming we would actually go with an uptempo game.

Unknown said...

I'm sure it was just a typo, but I think you meant to put in Sellers as a starter. (sorry Kyle, gotta make one joke).

Anonymous said...

every year we seem to be on the bubble and we always need to do well in the SEC Tournament, when usually we lose our 1st game. Bama could get hot at the right time and win the tournament but do you honestly see these guys winning 4 in a row?

bobbyjack said...

I misspelt Cage :)
I honestly think Coleman would be improve our interior D... if anything he could be our Steven Hill lite in there. I just want a change since what we're throwing out there isn't working. I'd like to go uptempo too, but that's not a reality with CMG (although I think we'd do quite well).

To answer the last question... I don't, but stranger things have happenned. The last year Arkansas made the tourney under Crazy Nolan was via an SECT title and that team wasn't very good.