Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valiant effort, but Tennessee toughs out a W


I'm going to point out the bright spots for us:
1) Hollinger continues to shoot the ball well.
2) Hendrix is unstoppable inside when we get him the ball.
3) Torrance and Hillman provided a boost.
4) At times we broke the press nicely.

If this game didn't prove Torrance and Hillman should get more PT then I don't know what else they need to do.

We needed the win, not a moral victory. At the end of the day we're 1-5 in conference with 3 home losses.

I'll try to add more comments tomorrow about the game.


Alias said...

We looked better but not good enough. I agree that Hollinger and Hillman need more playing time. Riley needs less. He was 0-For outside the arc tonight. Given the fact that he cannot spell "defense" I don't know why he ever darkens the court. Gee is our best athelete but a mixed blessing. Is there some NCAA rule against hiring a person who can spell defense to come in and spend a few hours with our kids and coaches and telling them how to defend the perimeter?

Anonymous said...

I think we all can agree that Riley needs much less time on the court...he's too much of a defensive liability to be playing this many minutes when he's struggling with his shot. Again, where was Tubbs and Knox? Please give someone a shot to at least play a little defense.

I was satisfied with our offense, save the inability to feed Hendrix the rock at the end of the 1st half. Throwing the ball over the top against the press got us back in the game a few times.

My problem was D in the 2nd half...we gave up 60 points! UT figured out our zone and scored at ease. Why in the hell don't we switch defenses more often? I kept waiting for us to leave the zone considering UT got an offensive rebound after every missed shot, but it didn't happen. Have we totally abandoned the press until we're down to the last minute? It's just frustrating to watch.