Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What has happenned to Hendrix and his FT shooting?

Alias made the comment about Hendrix poor FT shooting last night which piqued (sp?) my interest on whether or not Hendrix has truly declined at the charity stripe.

The data

Survey says... he has gotten worse. How is that possible? Was he taught to shoot FTs differently since he stepped foot on campus? Maybe Hville can give us his HS stats so I can investigate this further.

For those too lazy to look at the link... Hendrix's free throw percentage has declined from 64.7% (fr) to 62.9% (so) to 56.8% (this season). The good news, Hendrix has improved his FG% each season.

Oh yeah, according to that link Hendrix is #22 overall in the 2008 mock draft. Take it for what it's worth.



Hville said...

I'll see if I can find any stats on him, but here is what I think. I believe weight training can sometimes hurt players like this. The stronger you get, there can be a diminishing returns as to shooting accuracy. Think about it: as much as we can complain about Hendrix's hustle, none of us have complained about him getting pushed around.

From the games I saw Hendrix play in high school, he always had a good stroke. I remember thinking "Wow, a big man that can shoot free throws!" when I saw him play. You look at someone like Kenny Walker, he got better when he was at Bama, but he never bulked up like Hendrix did. Hendrix is a beast, but I think he has lost a weapon by being so...

Alias said...

Can anyone find his high school numbers. I swear I remember hearing that he shot about 80 percent in high school - and that was well after I stopped drinking too. :)

bobbyjack said...

One thing I noticed about Hendrix shooting FTs is he shoots flat footed and many times doesn't follow through. I don't know if that's been the case throughout his basketball career.

Hendrix has muscled up since he arrived on campus, but it's not like he was Roy Rogers coming in. I'm not sure how much muscle mass contributes to his diminishing FT shooting. I could be wrong.