Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2007-2008 Home losses by SEC teams

Lots of people put emphasis on winning on the road. Obviously it's important, but protecting your home court should be the first thing a team does.

Home losses by team as of February 26th, 2008:

Alabama- Belmont, Clemson, Florida, Mississippi State, Tennessee

Auburn- Xavier, Arkansas, LSU, Kentucky, Mississippi State

Arkansas- South Carolina

Florida- FSU, LSU

Georgia- Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee

Kentucky- Gardner Webb, UNC, San Diego, Louisville

LSU- Washington, Mississippi State, Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky

Mississippi- South Carolina, Auburn

Mississippi State- Clemson, Miami, Tennessee

South Carolina- USC, Baylor, UNC-Ashville, Tennessee, Florida, Vanderbilt,
Mississippi State

Tennessee- undefeated at home

Vanderbilt- undefeated at home

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