Friday, February 08, 2008

Alabama midseason grades

If this was a real report card I suspect most of them would hide it from their parents.

1) Alonzo Gee- He's playing a lot harder than he did last year, but still makes silly mistakes in terms of shot selection and handling the ball. B-

2) Richard Hendrix- The team MVP. Where would we be without him. His game has improved in every facet except one... FT shooting. A

3) Rico Pickett- considering he's a freshman I can't hold it against him too much for shot selection and ball control. Overall I think he's done a decent job at the point. C+

4) Mykal Riley- his defense is AUful. He's either hot or cold shooting. We need more from on both sides of the court. D+

5) Demetrius Jemison- how he's regressed from last season. He seems lost on the offensive end, but you can never fault his hustle. We really need him to help Hendrix out inside. D

6) Brandon Hollinger- he's probably our best 3 point threat. He adjusted nicely to the backup 2 guard position only to be moved (inexplicably) to starting PG and his game has suffered a bit due to it. A-

7) Yamene Coleman- we need someone to work with him on the offensive side. He's still a project... and he shouldn't be. D

8) Senerio Hillman- he's the sparkplug off the bench. Has the shooting range of Evan Brock and like Brock he's a pretty good defender. It's good to see him getting more PT. For now, I grade him B-

9) Justin Tubbs- he makes guest appearances, but for the most part is buried on the bench. Strange as he's one of our best defenders and if given the chance could be one of our best outside threats. Saying that, to this point he can't throw the ball in the ocean. D+

10) Mikhail Torrance- it's no secret that I think he should get more PT. He's our best option at the point, makes good decisions with the ball and has proven of late to be a semi reliable threat from outside. Did I mention he's a decent defender. A-

11) Justin Knox- I'd like to see more from him, but that's a pipe dream this season. Incomplete.

12) Kyle Sellers/John Dill/Greg Cage- they keep the bench nice and warm and do an excellent job cheering the team on. C.

CMG- Still has questionable substitution patterns, not pulling some players for terrible shot selection or matador defense while yanking others for the same, and still can't draw up an inbounds play against the press that works. Oh yeah, this season has been a miserable failure so far. To his credit he has experimented on defense to mixed results. Grade- F+

Team grade- On offense we still stand around too much, not enough spacing. Defensively, it's been better, but still allow too many uncontested 3 and easy drives to the lane. D

In closing, this has been a horrific 1st half. I'm not sure it'll get better.

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