Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Another good effort, another close loss. MSU 73-66

Box score

Maybe I should copy and paste comments from the Tennessee and Arkansas games. I like how the team fought back from down 11 to get the deficit to 2, but it seems everytime we get within striking range the other team comes up with a big shot to push the lead to a 2 possession game.

The good:
- Riley and Hollinger kept us in the game in the 1st half.
- Another good defensive effort.
- Contained Gordon as much as we could.
- Five players scored in double digits.

The bad:
- FTs (recurring theme) suck.
- Gee had a horrible game.
- 38% from the field. That's not gonna win you many games.

More broken record musings:
- Am I the only one that thinks Torrance should get more PT? Why wait to get him the game late in the 1st half?
- Gee needs to drive more and take less outside shots. To his credit he's the only one that shot FTs worth a crap.

We're now 2-6 in conference and 13-10 overall. If someone would've told me we'd be this bad at the midpoint of conference season I would've had them committed. Damn.


Alias said...

This team reminds me of this year's football team. I never expected them to be great but I did not expect them to fail for the reasons they have failed. Who would have thought that we would shoot free throws so poorly this season. Even Hollinger, who had ice water in his veins at the foul line as a freshman, has struggled from the line. I hope our coaches rue the day they ever decided to "fix" Hendrix free throw shooting form.

I know Hendrix is our big horse and that we need to ride him as long and as far as we can. But there will be nights when seven footers and free throws impact his effectiveness. We need to be working in practice every day to get open looks for Tubbs, Hollinger, Riley, Torrance and Pickett.

I will not repeat my constant complaints about defense. To his credit, CMG has altered his defensive schemes to try to limit their opponents' strengths. Not having a true, veteran, lock-down defnder ala Jean Felix, he has thrown his best defenders at their best three point shooters and been as effective as we could have hoped.

DJC said...

Justin Tubbs could be a pretty good lockdown defender with proper playing time and coaching. Not going to happen while he's sitting on the bench though.

bobbyjack said...

I wonder about PT for Tubbs and Torrance next season with the Steeles in play.

Frustrating season to say the least.