Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Arkansas-Alabama recap...

... no stats pack due to the day job and internet access being down at the hotel. My bad.

It looks like a UAB football crowd at the game tonight. Wow.

Update- 49-46 Bama under 4:20 to go in the 2nd half. I think teams scored more before the shot clock.

Update 2- travel by Hillman (?). Hogs ball 3:37. Uncontested slam.... 49-48. Jemison jumper 51-48 under 3 to go.

Update 3- Big steal by Pickett and dunk. 53-48 Bama 2:13 to go. Jemison having the best game of his life.

Update 4- Townes with an 2 footer. 53-50. Pickett fouled... makes both- BIG. 55-50.

Update 5- turnover Hogs... 51.8 sec to go. Still 55-50.

Update 6- Hillman shooting 2... 37.7 to go. Made 1. 56-50.

Update 7- 57-54 11.7 to play. Bama ball.

Update 8- Jemison fouled... 9.6 to go. Jemison hits clutch FTs. Looks like we're actually going to win one! Jemison has 19 points and 11 boards. Who saw that coming?

FINAL SCORE 59-56 Bama.

The good:
- Defensively held the Hogs to 36% FG and 3-20 from 3.
- Hit FTs down the stretch.
- Jemison had the game of his life. Good for him.

The bad:
- Overall, still crappy FT shooting.
- That was a really bad basketball game.

It's good to get a win... it's been a while since we had one of those.

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