Sunday, February 24, 2008

Auburn annihilates Alabama

$.02 to Alias.

I'm putting this up with under a minute to go in the game, but the game has been decided for a while.

Yahoo box score.

Like DJC said in the comments of the stats pack... again we played to the strength of the opposition, trying to match them with 3s instead of pounding the ball to the best inside guy in the SEC. Riley kept us in the game offensively while playing defensive o-lay. Not to be outdone, Hollinger joined in on the defensive non-effort and Gee soon followed Hollinger's lead.

Watching Alabama play is like driving by a car wreck... you don't want to look, but have to just to see what's going on. What you see is what you expect... carnage.

I'm not going to bother with the good and bad as you can read any good/bad recaps from previous losses and paste it here.

This team MIGHT win one more game this year... at home vs the Hogs is probably the best chance.

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