Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Balanced scoring attack leads Alabama to win over Ole Miss...

... 76-67. I only heard a couple minutes of the game so I can't really "break it down." Riley led with 22 points, Gee added 12, and Hendrix, Hollinger, and Torrance put up 10 apiece.

If I'm reading the box score right Yamene was the only one on the team to shoot better than 50% from the field. Strange. We did hit 75% from the charity stripe so obviously CMG is coaching them up now. (g)

Finally, a win over a decent opponent... although it seems that Ole Miss is slipping further and further to the NIT.

In other news, LSU won at Florida, Tennessee smacked down Arkansas, and UGA beat South Carolina in a battle of the worst in the SEC East.

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