Monday, February 18, 2008

ESPN Bracketology and bubble watch

It's not like we're in the discussion for either, but for those that are interested... links below.
Bubble watch

My take on bids by (major) conference :
ACC- 5 (Duke, UNC, Clemson, WF, Maryland)
Big East- 8 (Georgetown, Pitt, Marquette, ND, Syracuse, WVU, Louisville, UConn)
Big Ten- 5 (IU, MSU, Purdue, OSU, Wisconsin)
Big 12- 5 (Kansas, KSU, A&M, Baylor, Texas)
PAC 10- 5 (UCLA, USC, Stanford, WSU, ASU)
SEC- 4 (Tennessee, MSU, Arkansas, Vanderbilt)

That's 26 at large bids by my count for the big 6.

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