Tuesday, February 19, 2008

IT'S STATS WEEK BABEE! First up, Alabama season stats

ESPN gives fancy names to weeks so I will too!

I'm going to give you links until you say uncle... ok maybe not.
NCAAsports.com (not a direct link... drill down for specifics).

Things that jumped out at me (mix from links above):
- 2-10 vs the RPI top 100.
- We shoot 36.1% from 3 and allow 36.5%.
- 12.8 turnovers per game. You'd think it was more.
- #318 of 328 in FT%.
- #20 in assist to TO ratio.
- #38 in personal fouls per game. We were ranked high in this stat last season as well.

In conference
- Hendrix is shooting under 50% from the FT.
- Riley is our best FT shooter (86.7%).
- Dead last in FT% (60.7%).
- 9th in 3PT defense.
- 10th in FG%.
- 2nd in blocked shots (5.18 per).
- Rebound margin -.9 per game
- 32.7% 3PT FG.

No wonder we're 14-12.

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