Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kentucky stats pack

UPDATE: 1st half thoughts:

- Thanks to Tidedruid for linking the bad news about Hendrix not playing (in comments). I was busy chasing my kid around at the playground.
- Coleman and Knox are filling in for Hendrix quite nicely. I've been saying that Coleman should see the court more.
- Riley is shooting well and playing D.
- There's a Tubbs sighting on the court in Lexington.
- We can't guard Patterson inside.
- Someone tell CMG that Hollinger shouldn't play the point. BH found his niche as the backup 2 guard, yet he's been thrusted back to the point. IMO Torrance and Pickett are better options there.
- Why do we constantly give up last second shots to end the 1st half. I dare anyone to find a team that gives up more late 1st half buckets than us.
- Halftime score is 28-27 Cats. I know someone's going to complain that we should be up in the game, but considering the makeshift lineup I'm content. Hopefully we come out with the same intensity in the 2nd half.

The Wildcats have won 4 in a row and are 5-2 in conference play. Not bad for a team that came into conference play under .500. Here's your stats pack. Here's more stats from about them. I highly suggest you bookmark this site (main page). Finally, here's some good reading from aseaofblue (UK blog). Like everyone else, they're scratching their head at why we're 2-6 in the SEC.

Led by Ramel Bradley and freshman Patrick Patterson, it looks like Gillespie has finally got the Wildcats to buy into his system. They're playing some good basketball. Essentially they play 6 guys... 7 if you include the 4 minutes per that Mark Coury gets.

The stats:
- 47.9% FG
- 37.1% 3PT FG
- 75.7% FT (best in conference)
- 16.7 turnovers per game
- Rebound margin +3.1
- 7.3 steals per game

Prediction: We got 2 teams going in opposite directions so a Kentucky blowout would make sense... except Kentucky can't blow anyone out. I expect this to be a close game throughout. In the end, Bradley is going to get too many open 3s and we go down... again. Kentucky by 9.

Tipoff is 1PM EST on RAYCOM Sports. If you can't watch it on the tube you can watch it online here.

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