Monday, February 04, 2008

SEC Rankings Week 13

1) Tennessee- great win at Mississippi State.
2) Arkansas- it's about time, but they're finally playing like the 2nd best team in the conference. Back to back blowouts of Mississippi State and Florida were impressive.
3) Florida- Didn't see the Hogs beatdown coming.
4) Mississippi State- rallied late to scare the Vols, but fell short.
5) Ole Miss- bad loss to South Carolina at home.
6) Vanderbilt- struggled to be Auburn.
7) Kentucky- Gillespie has got his team on a roll.
8) South Carolina- a hard team to figure out. Road wins at Arkansas and Ole Miss, but puzzling losses at home.
9) Alabama- we're no longer in the bottom 3rd of the SEC.
10) Georgia- had a chance to beat Kentucky and failed. They're freefalling.
11) Auburn- 6 Scholarship players is starting to catch up.
12) LSU- the return of Chris Johnson should help them out a bit. They'll be a better team in the 2nd half.


Hville said...

With road wins at Arkansas and Ole Miss, does that make Dave Odom the Bizarro-Gottfried?

Anonymous said...

actually, 9/12 is in the bottom third... unless you meant overall sec record.

bobbyjack said...

Correct... I meant bottom 1/4. My bad.

I'm not sure what that makes Odom... he should've pulled a Bobby Knight and quit midseason though.