Sunday, February 10, 2008

SEC Rankings week 14, random thoughts and what if scenerios

SEC Rankings

1) Tennessee- struggled to beat LSU, but any win on the road is a good win.
2) Arkansas- held off a game Ole Miss squad. Let's see what they got when they travel to Knoxville this Wednesday.
3) Florida- UGA gave them a game. Still, Donovan should be SEC Coach of the Year if they continue to win.
4) Mississippi State- got back on track beating us on Wednesday.
5) Vanderbilt- escaped South Carolina. I'm not sure about them anymore.
6) Kentucky- They keep on winning. I guess their non-conference schedule was much tougher than the SEC.
7) Ole Miss- at 3-5 in conference they're slipping out of the NCAA tournament. They can't seem to win the close ones in conference.
8) South Carolina- because everyone below them is worse.
9) Alabama- like Ole Miss... can't find a way to win the close games. Also, being 2-7 in conference doesn't help.
10) Georgia- The NIT is slipping away from them.
11) Auburn- They're AUful.
12) LSU- pulled the plug on Brady... and I suspect the rest of this season.

Random thoughts:

- Coach K might be doing the best coaching job of his career. Look at that Duke roster. There's no way they should've gone into Chapel Hill and dominate. How they only have one loss (OT to Pitt in NYC) is remarkable.

- The Big East is deep. At a minimum 8 teams are going to the big dance. None of the metro NY teams (St Johns, Rutgers, Seton Hall) will sniff the postseason. I don't know when (ior if) any of those team will be competitive again in the Big East.

-Staying with the Big East, 16 teams is waaaay too much. Expansion killed some of the good rivalries of the past.

- Drake is 22-1 and undefeated in the MVC. Their only loss was to St Mary's in their 2nd game of the season. Their only other loss might be to Butler for ESPN's bracket buster weekend.

What if... CMG is not retained for next season. I know the popular names to replace him are Anthony Grant at VCU and Gregg Marshall at Wichita State. I'd like to offer up names no one's talking about.

1) Steve Lavin- yes, the slightly annoying mafia looking guy on ESPN. He led UCLA to 5 Sweet Sixteens in 7 years. His record in the first week of the tournament is 10-1. He was fired in 2003 for a 10-19 season. Funny thing is if CMG didn't take the Murray State job he probably would've been the one to replace Jim Harrick at UCLA.

2) Scott Sutton (Oral Roberts)- he recently signed a 7 year extension, but I can't imagine his buyout is a whole lot (he's making 250K per). ORU has made back to back NCAA appearances and currently lead the Summit League with a 12-0 record.

3) Bob Knight/Nolan Richardson- either would cause a stir nationally and both would be upgrades over what we have now (especially crazy Nolan with the athletes we have). Truthfully, this is more for shock value although I wouldn't be opposed to either.

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pico said...

Good to see other fans of other teams are playing the "if we have a new coach" game. I'm a St. John's fan and we've got the twin problems of 1-the excuse of youth and 2-a need to have squeaky clean coaches (no Quin Snyders or Jim O'Briens, who might be good fits anywhere).

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