Sunday, February 17, 2008

SEC Rankings week 15, former Bama players overseas, and an interesting read

SEC Rankings:

1) Tennessee- Easily the best of the SEC. Probably the only team that'll make it past week one of the NCAAs
2) Mississippi State- gritty win over the Hogs. Have control of the West.
3) Vanderbilt- first the beatdown of UK, then a close win over the Gators.
4) Arkansas- losers of 2 straight... to the east and west leaders.
5) Florida- losing to LSU at home was strange. No longer a safe bet to make the NCAAs.
6) Kentucky- recovered well from the Vandy trouncing to beat LSU in Baton Rouge.

From here it really doesn't matter as all of these teams suck.
7) UGA- almost beat the Vols.
8) South Carolina- squeaked a win out over us after getting handled by the Dawgs.
9) Auburn- That's 2 road wins. If they could defend their home turf they'd be a contender.
10) Ole Miss- talk about a team in freefall mode.
11) Alabama- still can't win on the road.
12) LSU- couldn't follow up an upset in Gainesville. Still, they seem to be playing with more fire.

Former Bama players overseas video link:

I found this site looking up the stats to this blog. The homepage is Nice find by them. I'll add this one to the Bama blog roll.

Telling stats of the 9 3/4 years under CMG:

I found this on the bamamag board and felt this needed to be linked. Credit goes to 'bamastudent' for the research. Read the entire post here. I snipped a portion of it... I HIGHLY suggest you click the link to read all of it.

After reading the report put out a couple weeks back by the UA SID, I thought it would be interesting to research the wins and losses for the previous 9.75 years of basketball and see how they break down in regards to where opponents ranked in the RPI.

Here is what I found:

Record vs. RPI top 25 teams: 19-52
Record vs. RPI 26-50 teams: 24-20
Record vs. RPI 51-100 teams: 40-22
Record vs RPI 101+ teams: 101-16


WL said...

i would move your "it doesn't matter, these teams suck" up about 4 notches.

the SEC is beyond terrible this year. Tennessee is the only team capable of reaching the sweet 16

Miss St will go out in the 2nd round.

Vandy will go out in the first or second round depending on matchup.

Florida's youth is catching up to them. IF they make it they win no more than one.

Arkansas has character issues and Pelphrey needs to clean house.

Kentucky has 1.5 Kentucky caliber players. They suck.

bobbyjack said...

I was looking at my top 6 and I noticed that Tennessee is the only one to have more than 2 quality non-conference win.

Arkansas graduates a lot of players so whatever issues they might have will probably go away next season.

MSU goes as Gordon does... he can carry them a long ways.

Vandy I'm not sold on. Weak Non-conference and weak SEC might have their record inflated.

Florida- probably have to win 4 of their last 5 to make the NCAAs.

Kentucky- they suck and being 7-3 in the conference proves again how bad the SEC really is.