Monday, February 25, 2008

SEC Rankings week 16

1) Tennessee- DUH... they're soon to be the #1 team in the country (until Vandy beats them Tuesday)
2) Mississippi State- unlike some other teams that struggled during non-conference play, the Dawgs have excelled in the SEC.
3) Vanderbilt- Let's see what they got against the mighty Vols.
4) Kentucky- at 9-3 in the conference the Cats have serious thoughts about making the NCAA tournament. What a recovery unlike a certain other SEC team.
5) Arkansas- tough loss at Kentucky. Still, I think this team makes some noise if they make the NCAAs.
6) Florida- considering most of their players are a year out of HS what they've accomplished so far is amazing.
7) Ole Miss- it's sad when 4-8 puts you in the middle.
8) UGA- most of their games have come down to the final minutes... and that's when they roll snake eyes.
9) South Carolina- took MSU to the wire. Still fighting for an NIT berth.
10) Auburn- how a bunch of midgets throttled us is a head scratcher. Nevermind... we played their game.
11) LSU- improving since the departure of John Brady... and the return of Chris Johnson.
12) Alabama- seriously... how can a team with this much talent be in LAST place in probably the worst the SEC has been in a decade? Easy... look towards the coach.

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Alias said...

FWIW, my post was not intended to convey any political content or message. I'm not sure how I stumbled across that picture, but it reflected my frame of mind toward our present situation with our basketball program than anything else I could think of.