Sunday, March 16, 2008

Final SEC Rankings

1) Tennessee- Steven Hill cost them a #1 seed. They got a tough draw in the NCAAs.
2) Arkansas- Came on strong... especially in the tourney.
3) Miss State- DJC found a pic gem below.
4) Vanderbilt- How did they get a 4 seed?
5) Kentucky- Gillespie did one hell of a job getting his team on track.
6) UGA- they win 4 games in conference and go on to win 4 straight in the SECT to get the automatic bid. Not to mention they won 3 games in 30 hours.
7) Florida- A team to watch next year.
8) South Carolina- almost pulled 2 upsets in the SECT.
9) Ole Miss- played well late, but choked against UGA in the 1st round.
10) Alabama- heartbreaker to M$U, played well late, but in the end 5-11 sucks.
11) LSU- the new coach will inherit a lot of talent coming back.
12) Auburn- Lebo committed career suicide taking the job there.

SEC matchups in the NCAAs (all time EST):
- #2 Tennessee vs #15 American (Bham) 3/21 at 12:15PM
- #8 Indiana vs #9 Arkansas (Raleigh) 3/21 at 9:40PM
- #8 Mississipp State vs #9 Oregon (Little Rock) 3/21 at 7:25PM
- #3 Xavier vs #14 UGA 3/20 (DC) at 12:20 PM
- #4 Vanderbilt vs # 13 Siena (Tampa) 3/21 at 7:20PM
- #6 Marquette vs #11 Kentucky (Anaheim) 3/20 at 2:30PM

I can see the winner of IU/Ark giving UNC fits in the 2nd round. I can also see Miss State challenging Memphis.

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