Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Florida stats pack II

I think we're catching the Gators at the right time. They've been struggling as of late... losers of 3 straight.

Gator stats pack.

The stats:
- 49.2% FG
- 36.3% 3PT FG
- 70.8% FT
- 12.7 turnovers per game
- +4.2 rebound margin

Prediction: We haven't won a neutral site or road game this year so there's no sense in expecting a change. Besides, I don't think Mark Gottfried has ever beaten Billy Donovan outside of Tuscaloosa as a head coach. Oh yeah, Florida needs to at least make the SECCG to have a prayer of defending their title. Gators by 7.

Gametime is 7:30PM EST Thursday on Raycom Sports.

Note- I won't have a game recap tomorrow. Heck, I probably won't see the game, not because I don't want to, but because I won't have time to do so. Maybe one of the other guys can give a recap... I wouldn't mind reading it as it'll be my only way of knowing what we did right and wrong in that game.


DJC said...

We've actually done pretty well on neutral sites this year. Our only lost was in Bham to Georgetown, and we won the Las Vegas tournament. We did win one road game, at Mercer, but we are o for the road in the SEC. You are correct that we CMG has never beat Billy D outside of Ttown. Billy the Kid has made CMG his bitch over the years.

Bill said...

Ditto.. Outside the conference, it wasn't a bad year for this team. Even so, the SEC tourney in the recent past has not been spectacular for us. Both FLA and UK have beaten us in the past few trips.

The crowd over at the Dome looks decent for the first round. I'll be heading downtown shortly to see the game.

bobbyjack said...

I said this year (2008), not this season. :)

Just got back from snowboarding... can't see the game, but am told that we're beating the tar out of the Gators.

I'm hoping i can make it to the game tomorrow. We shall see.