Saturday, March 15, 2008

Georgia Dome folds under weather... oh yeah, Bama falls to MSU in OT

First off, I hope everyone that attended the game made it out ok. I didn't make it to the game as my flight came in late, but I did get to watch it. Looking back I'm glad I made it home instead.

The good guys fall to Jamont Gordon and Mississippi State in OT 69-67. A beautiful play was drawn up for Riley with 2 seconds left in OT... the shot juuuuust rimmed out. Riley sent the game into OT with a contested 3 over Hansbrough at the buzzer.

With about 2 minutes left in OT Gee drove to the lane and was fouled. Then, the roof of the Dome started moving, the lights flickered, and the catwalk swayed. It's uncomfirmed, but it seems like a tornado flew over downtown Atlanta. Here's a news link from the local ABC affiliate WSB. I live 25 miles west and while we had heavy rain and some wind, it was nothing like what Fulton County got.

UPDATE- Tornado confirmed.

Back to the game recap...

The good:
- Overall good defensive effort
- Held MSU to 20% from 3
- Only 11 turnovers
- Our big 3 contributed 48 points
- Offensive plays after timeouts
- FT shooting

The bad:
- We shot the ball like crap (31%)
- Had problems with Rhodes and Varnado inside late in the game

In the end the better team won, but they had to fight for it. If we had this kind of effort throughout the season things would've been different for us.

The SEC Tournament has been moved to Ga Tech. Only players' families and the media will be allowed to attend the remaining games. Link to this info is here. Georgia and Kentucky are scheduled to play at noon today as their game was postponed.

Maybe this is the kick in the ass needed to move the SEC Tournament out fo the Ga Dome and into Philips Arena or some other non-football venue in the southeast. Next year it's in Tampa and I suspect attendance will be even less than what they normally get in Atlanta. For those that have never attended a SECT game in the Ga Dome let me tell you... the view sucks from anywhere behind row 30 anywhere in the Dome.

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