Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Grading the Crimson Tide- Greg Cage and Yamene Coleman

I'm going to go alphabetically to make it easier on myself.

Greg Cage- Well, he did one hell of a job cheering from the bench. Outside of a few garbage minutes (which were entertaining) we don't know what kind of a player Cage is. He graduates so we'll never know. Anyways, from the extremely limited times he saw game action I found his play to be what you'd expect from a last man on the bench sort of player. He was inspired, hustled, and seemed to enjoy the moments on the court. I give him a B- just because he rode the bench and cheered the team on.

Yamene Coleman- Unlike Cage, he did get some PT... albeit mostly in the latter part of the year. From what I saw he is a bit more refined than most said he was. He showed some post moves, defended well inside, and rebounded better than I thought he would. What's scary is his FT percentage... one that make Hendrix look like Bobby Hurley. I wish we would've seem more of him this year and I think we'll see him in an expanded role next season. For now... I give him a C.

In NCAA Tournament news... Tennessee is the only SEC team remaining. That's not surprising being the SEC sucked this year. Davidson upsets Georgetown and Villanova beats Siena to make it to the 2nd week. I can see Davidson playing in the Elite 8 as I'm not sold on Wisconsin, but Villanova's run ends with a thud against Kansas.

Many are saying Louisville beats Tennessee in the round of 16, but I disagree. Butler is better than Louisville and IMO they can't match up man for man against Tennessee.

I'm intrigued by Stanford-Texas... should be a high scoring game. Memphis-Michigan State probably isn't close as Memphis has too many athletes for the Spartans to match up with. My adopted team (West Virginia) goes against Xavier. I think they beat the Musketeers and face UCLA in the regional finals.

The UNC-Wast St game should be interesting. Whoever dictates the pace will win.

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