Monday, March 31, 2008

Grading the Crimson Tide- John DIll, Alonzo Gee and Richard Hendrix

John Dill- he also did a great job cheerleading from the bench. There's really not much more to say about him as he rarely saw the court. Grade: C+

Alonzo Gee- I keep waiting for him to be that guard we saw his freshman year. You know, the one that took the ball to the hole and scored. He seems to do well in the November and December tournaments then falls apart in conference play. He should be better than 42% from the field. I'll say this... I don't think he fits the offense CMG runs (comments about what that offense is is another topic/another day). I could see him being very successful in a "run-n-gun" type offense. Being that's not what we do, he's fails here. Grade: C-

Richard Hendrix- he was our leading scorer and rebounder, did a decent job defensively, and at times carried the team on his back. The problem we had is teams went into Hack-A-Shaq mode and he was miserable from the charity stripe. He cost us dearly at the line as he couldn't hit 50% in conference play. I wish he would've demanded the ball more (maybe he did and we never heard about it) as we would've been better off letting him bang on the inside than let any of the other guys chuck it up from outside. Hendrix is the only player on the team that shot at a 50% clip from the field the entire season. IMO I think the coaches failed him. Grade B+

Four #1s make it to the Final Four. That's great. The 4 best teams this season will battle it out for the title. Of the four, the only one I don't see having much of a chance is Kansas. Saying that, they'll probably win it.

I think the 3rd times the charm for UCLA... it's a powder blue finals with the Bruins taking out the Tar Heels.

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