Friday, March 14, 2008

Miss State stats pack 3 and a slight rant on some of our "fans"

Because playing them 2 times just isn't enough. MState stats.

You should know Mississippi State's players by now. If not... here's a link to a previous stats pack.

The stats:
- 73.7 PPG
- 46.8% FG
- 34.1% 3PT FG
- 63.5 % FT
- 15.5 turnovers per game
- 6.1 steals

Prediction: Can we build upon a big win over the Gators? Will the extra day off hurt the Bulldogs? Are we too emotionally drained from yesterday's performance? I say YES, YES, and NO. Bama wins by 2 and advances to the semis.

Hopefully, I'll be at the game tonight (if my flight arrives on time). If I am I'll take pictures and post them.

Slight rant
I know of the deficiencies of this year's team and the job done by the coaching staff. Still, people should be happy we won. The team played to the potential we all thought they were capable of (at least in the 1st half). Instead, some of our "fans" are upset we won. I understand all the issues... winning keeps the coach around longer, but geez... be a fan and hope for the team to win. If this team won the tournament and somehow made it to the 2nd week of the NCAAs would some of these "fans" still be upset?

The only time I cheered against Bama in any sport was the 2000 Football game against UCF. The season was in the tank already, no postseason hopes remained, and we had an idiot as a coach.

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Bill said...

I agree 100% with those comments. Its a shame that some can't get past their own short-sightedness and give credit for the good things happening for this team right now.

There were a fair number of Bama fans in our section last night, but there could have been more. For those that don't know, you can always get tickets to the early rounds of the tournament, and usually at less than the $45 face value. I had two that I couldn't use and sold them to another Bama fan that came up without tickets with his son. They were happy to get my tickets instead of the ones the local guys were trying to pawn off for cost plus.

So if you've got some time, you might want to drive over and see the game tonight. With the UF and Ole Miss fans gone, there should be tickets to be had for tonight's session.