Monday, March 17, 2008

NCAA snubs, what should happen to CMG, and some random thoughts

NCAA Snubs
I agree with Dick Vitale in that Arizona State was screwed over by the selection committee. They beat Arizona twice and had a better conference record. There's no good reason why Arizona is in and ASU is out. Sendek has ASU on the right track and should be in the NCAAs next season. His former team (NC State) hasn't been to the tourney since their administration pushed Sendek out.

What should happen to CMG
Should Mark Gottfried come back next year? I say no he shouldn't. Let me list my reasoning behind this:

1) CMG has lost the support of a good majority of fans. People are tired of the excuses he makes when we lose (they made a tough shot, we're close, etc).

2) It is CMG and the staff's responsibility to have a PG we can somewhat trust. Over the last season and a half we haven't had that. I can understand last season, but this year is inexcusable, especially when IMO our best true PG (and he's far from a true PG) doesn't see the court.

3) It's been 40 years since we've sucked this bad in conference play. Being that the SEC pretty much sucked this year makes it even worse.

4) IMO we've gone as far as we can under CMG. We could replace him and fall another step back, but I'm ready to take that chance. What we have right now is mediocrity. Actually, the program has gone backwards.

5) His inability to use the bench over the years. No wonder we have the attrition we have and I suspect a few more will leave before the 2008-09 season.

Random thoughts
- Oklahoma a 6 seed and Mississippi State an 8? I don't have the hatred for MSU like some of my other co-bloggers so I'll say they got screwed a bit. OU finished 9-7 in a fairly weak Big 12.

- Best 1st round match: Arkansas vs Indiana

- I like West Virginia as a sleeper pick. I can see them in the Sweet Sixteen or Elite 8.

- Alabama fired WBB coach Stephany Smith and replaced her with Wendell Hudson... who hasn't coached in 22 years. Not that I care about women's basketball, but come on now... the university can at least pretend they want a competitive basketball program.

- Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to critique the team player by player.


Unknown said...

I think they wanted to save some money by hiring Hudson. Just give him a slightly higher salary and you save money in the long run by not filling his old position. There are too many positons in the Athletic Dept anyways.

bobbyjack said...

The message they sent is they don't give half a crap about being competitive.

It's about time they became fiscally conscious... although making a mockery of one of your programs is probably not the way you want to go about being cheap.

The "leadership" in the Athletic Department has for years been horrific. The department is everything Florida is not.

WL said...

great post and follow-up comment, Bobby. i was fine with the Wendell hire when i thought it was to help fund a replacement for the men's job. otherwise, it is weak. granted, wendell was hired to deal with cmg's "maintenance" and cmg doesn't exactly command such a go-between at this juncture.

i just hope jimmy sexton can get some a.d. drunk enough to think CMG is an attractive coaching candidate. he'd jump on another job if offered. unfortunately, we haven't found the guy to buy our oceanfront property in Arizona. but if anyone can make it happen, sexton can.

bobbyjack said...

You know the more I think about it the more it would make sense for Providence to make a run at CMG. I think it would be a good fit for both... CMG gets a fresh start and Providence gets a coach with a resume of previous accomplishments.

Besides, Providence can say they stole a coach instead of them being the ones that get coaches stolen from them.

It would be like when Steve Alford left Iowa for New Mexico.

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