Monday, March 10, 2008

Predictions on who wins the Big 6 conference tourneys

ACC: North Carolina- I don't see anyone in the ACC coming close to beating them.

Big East: Louisville- Despite their loss to Georgetown, right now they're playing the best ball in the Big East.

Big 11: Purdue- just a hunch. It would've been Indiana, but the coaching change has affected them.

Big 12: Kansas- I don;t think Texas makes it to the finals... otherwise I'd pick them.

PAC 10: Washington State- They've underachieved this season... I look for them to step it up and win.

SEC: Tennessee- not because they need to, but because they want it.

What the heck... I'm going to predict some more.

CUSA: Memphis- Their bench players could win the tournament.

MWC: UNLV- They need it and it's at home.

WAC: New Mexico St- Only because it's played on their home court.


Anonymous said...

Louisville definitely outplayed Georgetown on Saturday, they just shot the ball very poorly.

It would be interesting to see a third matchup between Purdue and Wisconsin. I'm partial to Wisconsin and their style of play. People like to knock Purdue because of their youth, but the youth arguement doesn't seem to hold as much weight as it did 10 years ago.

bobbyjack said...

I would argue that G'town caused L'ville to shoot the ball poorly. Regardless, it was a great game between 2 outstanding teams.

I would not be surprised if no Big 11 team makes it to the 2nd week of the NCAAs. As down as the SEC has been this year, the Big 11 is just as bad.