Friday, March 07, 2008

Random thoughts

1) ESPN's top 25 college basketball players of all-time- How they don't have Christian Laettner in their top 5 is mind-boggling. IMO he's ahead of Maravich, West, Bradley, Thomspon, Bird, Wilt, and Lucas. To be honest I wasn't alive or was too young when most of those listed played, but none of them can match up to Laettner's career and post season moments. Laettner led Duke to 4 straight Final Fours. The year after he graduated Duke lost to Jason Kidd and Cal in the 2nd round.

2) Syracuse is on the verge of missing the NCAA tournament for a 2nd straight year. The program has gotten worse each year since their 2003 championship. Expansion of the Big East has hurt Jim Boeheim.

3) Barring an ACC Tournament Championship, Maryland is about to be left out of the NCAAs 3 of the last 4 years.

4) Arizona might not make the NCAAs... that would snap a streak of 23 straight trips.

5) Has the Player of the Year ever been on a team that didn't qualify for the NCAAs in the modern era? Michael Beasley might be the first as Kansas State is shaky. FWIW I think Tyler Hansbrough of UNC wins it.

6) Florida's streak of being a 5 seed or higher in the NCAA tournament ends this year at 5 years. Impressive. Over that same timespan Duke has been a #1 three times making it to the Final Four once in that span.


WL said...

with the athleticism in the game, you just can't win anymore if you can't play man defense.

of course we have tremendous athletes and we're playing a pansy ass zone. and when we play man we're shitty because CMG has no clue how to teach man defense.

Anonymous said...

laettner was most definitely a stud in college, but he was also on one of the greatest TEAMS ever. grant hill, bobby hurley, thomas hill...none of the other players you listed had that kind of supporting cast. and besides that i can't stand him.

bobbyjack said...

Laettner was the most clutch college basketball player ever to play the game. Without him, Duke doesn't sniff the Final Four once during that span. Laettner made that team great.

I disliked him too for the record... when Duke eliminated the best team money can buy (UNLV) in 1991 I was beyond upset.

Anonymous said...

i respectfully disagree sir. if they don't have laettner, they insert some other stud they had lying around who would probably average double digits. you're right they may not have gotten to the final four, but they are still a damn good team.

at the time i thought that unlv team was the greatest team i had ever seen. i think their average age was like 23.