Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Same song, different verse... Bama falls late to LSU...

... 80-74. I really thought we'd win this one the way it was going the first... 30 minutes.
Here's the box score.

I don't know what goes on at halftime in CMG's lockerroom, but it doesn't work. How many times have we come out flat to begin the 2nd half? Maybe the team takes a collective siesta and are shaking off the power nap. I dunno.

The good:
- Hendrix got the ball
- Jemison and Hillman continue to impress
- Put on a 1st half rebound clinic

The bad:
- Couldn't stop Randolph or Thornton.
- LSU shot 55% from the field.
- Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory (again).

Well, we're perfect on the road in the SEC and this loss just about clinches the worst record we've put up in SEC play in over 40 years. It also assures us of another 5th place finish in the SEC West. I'll check tiebreakers later, but I think we lose out to Auburn if we have the same SEC record.


WL said...

you act like this halftime thing is a new phenomina(sp?).....throughout CMG's career we generally throw up all over ourselves after timeouts and halftime....that is because the opponent is getting coached while CMG fixes his tie and sings the same bullshit songs about the high post offense and playing haaaaard.

bobbyjack said...

No disagreement here. I have to go through my tivo and find the Bama-UF game from this year. DJC pointed out during a Gee made 3 that was up for review CBD was coaching his team while CMG was just standing there.

I hope I have it still... if so... I'll upload it to youtube.

DJC said...

I remember that during the FL game, not sure it will be evident on the tv broadcast though, as CMG did call his team over for the last 5-10 seconds or so.

We just don't make the plays at crunch time. We were in position to win this game, made one out of 2 FTs to tie, then gave up a 3 at the other end. I haven't seen the play, so I'm curious as to who gave it up and if it was a well contested shot.

Bill said...

As a tiebreaker, if Auburn loses to Arkansas we get the 5th seed in the tourney. If Auburn wins, we are 6th seed whether we win or lose, since they would have the better division record (5-5 vs 4-6). The 5th place West division team plays 4th East (FLA) at 7:30 next Thurs, while the 6th place West finisher plays 3rd East (Vandy) at 3:15 same day.

bobbyjack said...

Thanks bill. If we somehow got past UF, Miss St would be waiting. At least we avoid UT until the finals... if we somehow made it that far.