Sunday, March 02, 2008

SEC Rankings week 17

1) Tennessee- the loss to Vandy was expected after a big win at Memphis.
2) Mississippi State- winning in the Swamp is big.
3) Vanderbilt- beat UT then lose to Arkansas. Next up... Miss St.
4) Kentucky- 10-3 in conference play... but Patterson out for the year. Buh bye NCAA hopes.
5) Arkansas- should be in the NCAAs, but would help their case more by winning at Ole Miss this week.

They all suck from here.
6) Florida- needed to beat M$U and didn't. Now they're on the outside looking in.
7) Ole Miss- still can't win on the road and that's killed them this season.
8) South Carolina- under .500 overall and in the SEC, but sadly they're better than the teams below them.
9) LSU- playing much better since dumping Brady.
10) Georgia- no longer sure if Felton should get another year in AThens.
11) Auburn- can't beat the Cocks at home.
12) Alabama- I am a fan of the mass substitutions. I'm not a fan of how badly this team has underachieved.

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