Sunday, March 09, 2008

SEC Rankings week 18

1) Tennessee- looking to be a #1 seed.
2) Mississippi State- this team can go pretty far in the NCAAs. I see at least a Sweet Sixteen appearance.
3) Vanderbilt- loss to Bama hurt their seeding. Unless they win the SECT I see them as a 5 or 6 seed.
4) Kentucky- What a turnaround from the beginning of the season. The team was left for dead and somehow they end up winning 11 (maybe 12) SEC games.

They all suck from here.
5) Arkansas- at 9-7 they need to win one in the SECT to be safe.
6) Florida- Even if they beat UK they'll have to make it to the SECCG to defend their title.
7) Ole Miss- finally won a road game. At 7-9 they need to make it to the SECCG to have a shot at the NCAAs.
8) South Carolina- They won more road games than home ones in the SEC.
9) LSU- I wouldn't want to play them in the SECT.
10) Georgia- Felton should get one more year... or at least a half season. Saying that, I don't see UGA being anything more than 3rd rate in the SEC with him.
11) Alabama- good win against Vandy. Still, the only team in the SEC without a road win in conference.
12) Auburn- they lost to UGA at home. That's embarrassing.

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