Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SEC Tournament predictions and SEC Men's BB awards announced

SEC tournament predictions
Since I'm predicting tourney winners I figured why not predict the SEC Tournament game by game.

FIRST ROUND - March 13 (Thursday)
Game 1 - [E5] South Carolina vs. [W4] LSU [RS] 1:00 ET- LSU
Game 2 - [W6] Auburn vs. [E3] Vanderbilt [RS] 3:15 ET- Auburn
Game 3 - [W5] Alabama vs. [E4] Florida [RS] 7:30 ET- Florida
Game 4 - [E6] Georgia vs. [W3] Ole Miss [RS] 9:45 ET- Ole Miss

SECOND ROUND - March 14 (Friday)
Game 5 - LSU vs. [E1] Tennessee [RS] 1:00 ET- Tennessee
Game 6 - Auburn vs. [W2] Arkansas [RS] 3:15 ET- Arkansas
Game 7 - Florida vs. [W1] Mississippi State [RS] 7:30 ET- Florida
Game 8 - Ole Miss vs. [E2] Kentucky [RS] 9:45 ET- Ole Miss

SEMIFINALS - March 15 (Saturday)
Game 9 - Tennessee vs. Arkansas [RS] 1:00 ET- Tennessee
Game 10 - Florida vs. Ole Miss [RS] 3:15 ET- Ole Miss

FINALS - March 16 (Sunday)
Game 11 - Tennessee vs. Ole Miss [CBS] 1:00 ET- Tennessee

Yes, I'm predicting Ole Miss to go far. If they have a run to the SECCG I believe they played their way into the NCAAs.

SEC BB Awards

From secsports.com.

The cliff notes:
- Gillespie and Pearl share Coach of the Year.
- Shan Foster is SEC POY.
- Nick Calathes (UF) and Patrick Patterson (UK) share freshman of the year.
- Jarvis Varnado (MSU) wins SEC Defensive POY.
- JP Prince (UT) is the sixth man of the year.
- 1st and 2nd team ALL-SEC are included in the link above... I'm too lazy to type them out.

Finally, Auburn Elvis at auburnelvis.com is running some sort of scavenger hunt before the SECT. If interested, click on the link for more info.


DJC said...

Congratulations, you managed to miss every first round game! Good job. :-)

bobbyjack said...

LOL... that's why I don't bet on sports.