Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sorry about the lack of updates...

... I was busy helping Santa. If you plan on traveling to Fairbanks, AK I suggest make it at most 2 days. Any longer than that and you'll be bored silly. Oh yeah, unless you want to see the Norrthern Lights I suggest you make your travel plans after May and before October.

The Elite 8 is set and it looks like UNC and Memphis are the teams to beat. I expect both to advance to the Final Four. Both were impressive in dismantling their overmatched opponents.

Davidson crushed Wisconsin and Kansas crushed Villanova setting up an interesting matchup between the 2. Davidson's run ends Sunday.

The SEC is done in the Sweet Sixteen. Louisville out-tenneseeed Tennessee. Man did the SEC suck this year.

Xavier's a nice story, but UCLA should end their run today. IS there a better coach in the land right now than Howland?


Anonymous said...

People said "Davidson's run ends vs. GTown" then they said "it ends vs. Wisconsin" now everyone's saying "it ends vs. Kansas"

Do people not learn? Didn't George Mason make all the "experts" look foolish two years ago? People are scared to make a risky pick. If Wisconsin and Georgetown (two of the best defensive teams in the country) can't contain Stephen Curry, then please tell me how Kansas will be able to.

DJC said...

Believe it or not, I actually had Davidson in my Elite 8 (and that's a huge part of why I'm in 1st place in 4 office pools right now), but I don't think they will beat Kansas.

They certainly could. Curry is incredible and they play very good fundamental basketball. Curry makes everybody on that team better. But, I don't think they can run with the athletes Kansas will throw at them.

Gonzaga never fares well as the favorites. I thought Georgetown was a little overrated. Hell, we almost beat Georgetown. Wisconsin plays great defense, but Davidson doesn't mind a slow, half-court game, they can work the shot clock and still get a good look most of the time, and if they don't Curry can bail them out. Kansas will force the tempo, and I don't think Davidson will be able to hang in the open court. Of course, I could be wrong.