Saturday, April 05, 2008

Grading the Crimson Tide- Knox, Pickett, and Riley

As I write this Kansas is killing UNC by 16 early in the 2nd half. I continue to pick them like a champ... I'm on FIRE! Not really.

Knox- I understand why the coaching staff slowly acclimated him to SEC play, but when the season was over (after the 2-6 conference start) he should've gotten more PT. What I saw from him in the 2nd half was impressive. When Hendrix sat out a game, Knox filled in nicely on both sides of the court. I wish he would've gotten more consistent time on the court, but it wasn't to be. I'm anxious to see him play next year. Grade: B

Pickett- He wasn't put in the best of positions to succeed IMO. He should've been splitting time at the point instead of being thrusted into the starting lineup as early as he was. His play was erratic... one game he'd look all world and the next one he'd look lost on the court. He lacks the court vision needed to be a PG... hipefully he works on his perimeter game as I think he could turn out to be a decent 2 guard. Grade: C

Riley- I probably screamed at my TV more times at him than any other player on the team this year. He took bad shots, played crappy defense, and turned the ball over too much the first 2/3rds of the year. Then, something happenned... not sure what, but Riley carried this team on his back with his super hot shooting. He's the reason we beat Vandy, Florida, and came so close to beating MSU in the SECT. I'm not sure who's going to replace his shooting next year. He's going to be missed. Grade: B-


MSmilie said...

Birmingham news is reporting that Ron Steele is going to enter the NBA Draft. Gottfried's excuse bag is now officially empty and the program is firmly at Defcon 1. I see no reason to retain Mark Gottfried if Bama is two draft choices away from being back at square one with this guy. The team needs a fresh start and a new direction. Do you agree?

bobbyjack said...

Agree, but if he hasn't been canned by now he's safe another year.

IMO he should've been canned regardless of whether Steele and Hendrix returns. We know what we got in CMG and it's nothing more than mediocrity.