Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Justin Tubbs to transfer

It was widely speculated and now it's official. Good luck to him. It sucks we're losing a guy that played hard on both ends of the court.

From tidesports.com

This is on the heels of Pickett wanting out as well. From the Decatur Daily. I'm not going to lie... Pickett leaving won't break my heart.


DJC said...

Word on the street is that Tubbs may end up either at Vandy or Wake Forest...Two pretty good programs. I would rather we not allow him to go to Vandy and light us up in Nashville next year. Good luck to Tubbs, I understand his decision.

Anonymous said...

IF he goes to Vandy(or WF) he'll have to sit out a season. I would think he'll drop down to a lower D-1 school.

bobbyjack said...

As long as it's not a SEC West school I don't care where he goes. If he's looking at Vandy and WF it tells me that he's a pretty smart kid.

Unless he gets some sort of waiver he's not seeing the court until the 09-10 season in Division I (like anonymous noted).

Anonymous said...

Tubbs to UAB according to Bama Mag.

Anonymous said...

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