Thursday, April 24, 2008

NFL Draft- RBs, updated underclassmen list to NBA, and more

NFL Draft
First off, I have no interest in wasting my entire day watching the NFL draft. Truth be told, I might catch 30 total minutes of it. More than likely I'll wait until there's a recap on the web.

Saying that, this year's draft has more game changing RBs than any year I can remember. Here's a link to the rankings of RBs. I'm going to deal with the RBs I saw on TV (or live).

-Darren McFadden (Ark)- I didn't see Herschel and only remember Bo from his LA Raiders days, but IMO McFadden is every bit as good as they were in college. He's fast enough to run away from defenders and strong enough to run them over. Looks like he'll be a NJ Jet so he should have ample opportunity to be the face of the franchise... being that the rest of the team sucks. If the Falcons had 1/2 a brain they wouldn't have wasted $$ on Michael Turner and picked McFadden at #3.

-Felix Jones (Ark)- underrated big time. He can get to the sidelines in a flash, has breakaway speed and can run in between the tackles. The question is can he handle a full load of carries. I think he can.

-Ray Rice (Rutgers)- I think he regressed from last season, but that's probably due to defenses keying in on him as the Rutgers passing game struggled. He's tough, can grind out yards, and break tackles. I don't know if he's big enough to be an every down back right now, but could be in a year or 2.

- Steve Slaton (WVU)- next to McFadden he's the most exciting RB in the draft. Breakaway speed, tough to tackle, can get you the "gritty" yards... the only questions with him are health and holding on to the ball. I sure wish my Tampa Bay Bucs pick him as Carnell hasn't been a success.

- Tashard Choice (Ga Tech)- he's a sleeper pick. He's the only reason Ga Tech was worth half a crap last year. He pretty much carried the team and despite being the guy defenses tried to stop he still put up decent #s.

- Rashard Mendenhall (Illinois)- to be honest I don't see what the hype is about him. Yes he had a great game against tOSU, but for the most part his competition was mediocre. He has decent speed, but other than that nothing that stands out to me.

-Kevin Smith (UCF)- not big on him either as most of his stats were piled up against inferior defenses. Mississippi State pretty much shut him down in the Liberty Bowl. He could be a decent 3rd down back n the NFL.

-Mike Hart (Michigan)- he has a lot of drive, but nothing off the chart in terms of speed, breakaway ability, or elusiveness.

- Jonathan Stewart (Oregon)- good speed and something I don't think any of the other RBs do as well as him... block.

Latest underclassmen to NBA list
From The more that declare, the better the chances are that Steele and Hendrix return. I still think Hendrix is gone regardless.

Other stuff
-Kevin O'Neill has been reassigned by Arizona. I'm not a big fan of his coaching, but he's getting the shaft there. I suspect he'll be leaving soon.

- A quick rant on reality TV. I'd sooner watch reruns of Full House that sit through most "reality" TV shows. I can't believe people watch Big Brother as it's quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen on TV. With the exception of Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Rock of Love/Flavor of Love (both are for comedic value) I don't get the whole reality TV thing. It's just bad acting. I guess that's why I pretty much stick to watching sports on TV.

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