Monday, April 07, 2008

Rico Pickett suspended indefinetly and info on Alabama-UConn series

I guess we won't have an issue crunching roster numbers next season. Again, thanks to Mitchell for relaying this.


I suspected we'd have 3 players on the current roster transferring out. My 3 original guesses were Justin Tubbs, Mikhail Torrance, and Pickett. The word is Tubbs is thinking about it and with this suspension I can see Pickett moving out. If Torrance moves on as well we'd be razor thin at the point (again). Add to that if Steele goes pro where would that put us? Hollinger at the point? Ugh.

IMO Torrance or Pickett will stay (right now my $$ is on Torrance)and Steele won't be a 1st round pick so we should be ok. I think Hendrix is gone though and one more will transfer out.

I forgot to post this, but Alabama and UConn are in talks about a series. There's an article on the Alabama scout page about it. If this were to begin next season we're going to have a murderous non-conference schedule. The Maui Invitational with UNC, Indiana, Notre Dame, Texas, Oregon, and St Joe's (choose 3), Clemson on the road, Texas A&M, and UConn... whew.


Hville said...

Anyone care to elaborate (insert rumor here) on the nature of Pickett's suspension?

bobbyjack said...

My guess... part Rico being a spoiled kid that doesn't think he has to go to class, part he wants to leave and the coaching staff is blocking him.