Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ways to make MLB more appealing to the general masses

Before I start... they like us... they really like us. This blog is the highest ranked Alabama blog according to blogged.com. Actually, I didn't see any other Alabama blogs listed (looked in football and basketball), but that's besides the point. :)

For the record I'm fine with it the way it is, but to the casual fan there's too many lulls. I say that's due to a short attention span, but that's another blog for another day.

1) Allow fighting. It works in the NHL and it would be even more interesting in MLB. We need more Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura moments. While I'm on the topic of fighting, let me say that umpires are getting too cute with their warnings for close pitches. Let the players settle their differences.

2) Give the pitcher 15 seconds to throw his next pitch from when the catcher throws him the ball. Too much stalling there. Also, only allow 1 batter timeout per at bat. When the pitching coach or manager comes out to talk to their pitcher, they should have no more than 30 seconds before the ump walks out there to break it up.

3) Move the fences back. The general consent is people love the HR, but the truth is the game would be more interesting watching players busting ass for a triple. Opposite field HRs were at one time a true feat of strength... now every ham and egger can hit one out opposite field.

4) Alternate the DH/P in the lineup. I like the DH as I really don't care to see the pitcher hit, but it would make things interesting by having them alter in the lineup. The MLBPA probably wouldn't like that.

5) Between innings... come up with something more interesting than voting for some stupid song. Hire some cheerleaders and let them dance on the dugout for 2 minutes.

Next blog (I think)... the NFL Draft and the amazing amount of talent at the RB slot.


DJC said...

There should be a constitutional amendment banning the DH, but you make some valid points otherwise.

bobbyjack said...

Watching the pitcher hit is soooo boring. All they do is bunt.

In interleague play they should go with AL rules in NL parks and NL rules in AL parks so fans can see what the other rules are like.

Anonymous said...

well let me start by saying i'm an actual baseball fan. i sit around and watch games multiple time per week. only problem is i'm a fan of a horrible team (rangers).

however, #5 is already a reality brother. a handful of teams are already doing the cheerleader thing, but the marlins are the only team i know of that has an official squad. i give you the "marlins mermaids."

bobbyjack said...

I thought when you fired Showalter that guaranteed a WS title the following year. It happenned in NY and Arizona.

Bad FA pitchers have killed the Rangers. I can't remember the last homegrown Ranger in the rotation.

BTW- I like what Nolan Ryan is about to do... doing away with the pitch count in the farm system. I hope to see more organization do away with it.

Anonymous said...

all homegrown ranger pitchers are kicking ass elsewhere. edinson volquez in cincinnati, john danks for the white sox, and (to some degree) chris young of the padres. don't even get me started on position players.