Monday, April 28, 2008

Weird news (non sports)

Call it a break from sports here... enjoy.

Bentonville, AR
A 305 pound inmate has filed suit saying officials at the Benton County Jail are not feeding him enough.

Obese Inmate Sues County Jail For More Food (video)

Broderick Lloyd Laswell said he has lost 100 pounds over the last eight months.

Laswell is in jail on a capital murder charge. He is one of two people accused of killing Randall Walker, 47, in his Garfield home in September 2007.

40/29 News reporter Melissa Kelly sat down and talked to Laswell Monday inside the Benton County Jail.

Laswell told Kelly he is hungry all the time and feels like he is being tortured.
Laswell said he weighed 418 pounds at the time of his September 2007 arraignment, even though his book-in sheet says he weighed 382-pounds.

Link to rest of the story

A Shaler couple's wedding night ended in a brawl and a trip to jail.

Local dentist Dr. David Wielechowski and his bride, Christa, spent their wedding night in the Allegheny County Jail and now face a court hearing on a number of charges following their post-wedding brawl at the Holiday Inn in Ross Township.

According to the criminal complaint, the couple got into a fight late Saturday night only hours after exchanging wedding vows.

The fight began on the seventh floor of the hotel. Two guests heard Christa scream and tried to restrain the doctor.

Police said the bride and groom rejected the Good Samaritans and turned on them. During the exchange the bridal couple allegedly picked up metal planters and threw them at the would-be rescuers.

And you thought this only happenned in the south.

Tempe, AZ
A man accidentally shot himself in the stomach after waving his gun in anger at a fellow driver in Tempe, and police said Monday he will face charges.

David Lopez, 33, is expected to survive and could face charges including disorderly conduct, reckless display of a firearm and felony flight from police in the Friday night incident, Tempe police spokesman Brandon Banks said.

Banks said soon after Lopez shot himself, he tried to evade police by driving into a nearby neighborhood, but he crashed his car into a canal embankment. Lopez then ran on foot, but police soon caught up with him.

Dude... most guns have a safety. Read the rest here.

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