Friday, May 16, 2008

AJC article- Difficult to punish greedy amateur athletes

I rarely agree with Jeff Schultz of the AJC, but this article he wrote IMO is as dead on as you can be.

Imagine that you have a gift, but you are surrounded by ruin. Bad neighborhood. Little money. A single mom who works three jobs and does the best she can in the 30 minutes a day she sees you.

Then one day somebody in a nice suit, let’s say with a hint of brimstone, shakes your hand and leaves you with a roll of bills. He slips you an ATM card, a phone, a watch. A plasma TV lands on your doorstep.

It’s all against the rules. But you figure this part of your life is only a brief stopover.

Nobody cares.

Everybody does it.

Nobody gets hurt.

Check that — you don’t get hurt. And really, does anybody else matter?

It’s happening again.

Link to the rest.

We need to stop the charade of the "amateur" athlete. It's more the exception than the rule that these kids are playing only at the cost of a scholarship.

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