Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two Tide players invited to pre-NBA camp

TUSCALOOSA - University of Alabama basketball players Ronald Steele and Richard Hendrix have both earned invitations to the NBA's pre-draft camp in Orlando, according to their coach.

"Richard and Ron both got invited," coach Mark Gottfried said, "and they plan on attending."

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Gee's coming back... if Steele and Hendrix leave it'll be his team to run.


Anonymous said...

gee's team to run.

that's like letting pee wee herman run the pentagon.

DJC said...

So much for the rumors of all 3 being gone.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, if this is Gee's team to run, we're in deep ****. I think Hendrix will get drafted late 2nd round but I think Steele won't get drafted.

I remember after Steele's sophomore season he said he'd only go pro if he was a guaranteed lottery pick. It's funny how things can change. I think if Steele came back he'd be drafted higher next year.

It's fun to imagine the 3 of them all being back next year because the team would be loaded but it's just wishful thinking and we'll lucky to get 2 of them back next year.

I'd love to see Steele suit up for one more season.