Sunday, June 01, 2008

Steele returning to Alabama

Steele played for the first time in five-on-five competition since March. He looked slow at times, especially defensively. His numbers were solid, though, with 12 assists, two turnovers and three steals in three games. But he didn't receive a ton of buzz.

"I did pretty well," Steele said on Friday. "I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'm not sure I'm leaning either way. I'll listen to the coaches and go from there. A couple of teams were interested but I'm not sure who."

That was Friday early afternoon. But by Saturday morning, Steele had made up his mind to return to school.


On paper we should be alright next year... of course if we projected teams by what they look like on paper the NY Yankees would've won at least 3 World Series since 2000.

The fact that Steele was not 100% gives me the feeling that we shouldn't expect him to be 100% next season. I hope I'm wrong about that.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but what percentage of steele do we need for it to be an improvement over '07-'08?? certainly not 100%.

Anonymous said...

I'm 90% sure Hendrix is gone, but imagine what Steele and Hendrix could do together? Man.

But I'm excited to get Steele back. It will be sad if he's never like the old Steele, though. It will be hard to watch.


Anonymous said...

Dela Hoya is cute, 100 Ice

Anonymous said...

Steele is a smart person, as i heard on Espn Coach Gottfried told that stelle has made a descision to return...
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