Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on Hendrix and Steele

Hendrix is staying in the draft per the UA media relations office.

"After several months of thinking and getting all the information and consulting with my family I have come to the decision to keep my name in the 2008 NBA Draft. I feel strongly that this is an opportunity for me to reach my individual and personal goals as a basketball player. I feel that this decision is the right decision for me. I have no regrets with this decision. I feel like it's a career decision and the time to move on.


Good luck to RH... he represented the University well.

Update- Steele is returning to Alabama per ESPN. That probably makes us the team to beat in the West. We shall see.


Alias said...

I agree: Thank you, Richard Hendrix, for all you have given to and done for our program. I wish you good luck in the NBA draft. I suspect you will be playing in Europe next year. Even at that you'll be earning more money than most of the rest of us do. Richard did fizzle a bit toward the end of the season but I don't think he could have done much to improve his marketability by staying another year. He already has his degree, so someone please alert the Alumni Affairs office and make sure they start sending Richard at least as many requests for money each year as they send me. :-)

Anonymous said...

richard knows he's not first round. he's taking his chances anyway.

steele's damaged goods or he'd be gone too.

says a lot about this situation.