Sunday, July 20, 2008

Capstone Report- Can Gottfried turn the Tide?

He asked Bill Ellis of and me 5 questions. We answered. Here's a link to his post. Thanks to the Capstone Report for showing some love to hoops as we get ready for potentially an exciting football season.

One correction... I should've said 'win 2' instead of 3 in the Maui Invitational. If we win 3 then we win the whole thing which would shock the world. With UNC in the field the only way we win is if their entire team comes down with the flu or food poisoning... hmmm (g).

Here's a link to the tournament site. Hopefully tickets aren't as much of a ripoff as they were for the Las vegas Classic.


Alias said...

That was a good column and I appreciate the fact that you limited your remarks to what you hoped to see in the future. Bill Ellis is a long-time fan, but he is even less capable of expressing an unbiased opinion on CMG than I am.

bobbyjack said...


If I'm critical of CMG I'd rather do it in realtime (during the season). Everything else is rehashing.

I guess CMG isn't in Bill's Fav Five... eheh.