Wednesday, July 30, 2008

FOUR MORE YEARS... of Stansbury (contract extended)

Straight from the hors... uh bulldog's mouth.
Read all about it.

If I were a MSU fan I'd be miffed by this. CRS has proven over the years he's a mediocre coach with a spotty record of keeping kids in his program.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but they love him over there.

he has a final four under his belt (and that really chaps my ass!) and they gave duke and memphis a hell of a game in the last two dances.

i'd swap that for what gottfried's done in a heartbeat!

have u heard the news about dave hart being hired as executive ad at 'bama???

Anonymous said...

but on the other hand have u ever heard a coach who's voice least matches his personna??

stansbury's not a small guy. but he has that little squweaky voice!

MSmilie said...

I'm sorry, but when did Stansbury take MSU to the Final Four? I thought that team was coached by Richard Williams?

Gottfried and Stansbury mirror each other. They've both been at their respective schools ten years with mixed results, only once has any of their teams progressed past the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament (Alabama during their fluke Elite 8 run)and neither team looks to be tournament-caliber.
This extension along with Ernie Kent at Oregon really surprised me. Obviously the bar isn't very high at either institution.
Granted, I will say that I think that Stansbury is a better coach than Gottfried, but only by a little bit. At least he's won an SEC Tournament.

Anonymous said...

oops, my bad.

DJC said...

Folks, he got this extension for the same reason he got the job in the first place...He knows where the skeletons are buried over there.

bobbyjack said...

One of these days you're gonna have to give me the lowdown on the skeletons. I vaguely remember why CRW was forc... uh retired.