Friday, July 25, 2008

Golden State signs Richard Hendrix

Good for him. I really believe he'll stick in the NBA for a few years. I laugh at all that thought Hendrix made a mistake declaring early... eheh.

I'd say at least he's not in foreign land, but the SF area is not like the rest of this country. :)



Anonymous said...

You know... You have to be weary of big men though, especially when they are drafted that late in the draft. Rarely do 2nd round players even make it, especially big men. It seems that more guards are capable of coming from behind than the big men.

Anonymous said...

what matters here is the thought process.

richard and his father decided he couldn't risk another year under gottfried. they took their chances.

so happens they worked out.

Anonymous said...

I also strongly believed that Richard Hendrix will be there in team for another few more years. But i can't believe why this decision he made. Anyway i think it will be a big loss for the team as well as the fans of Richard Hendrix.

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