Wednesday, July 02, 2008

MLB- Joe Buck is annoying... and more are beginning to understand this

Great commentary here. Anyone that's watched MLB over the years will agree that Joe Buck is quite possibly the worst national commentator the past 20 years on the air. If I was a kid watching baseball for the first time and had to sit through a FOX game he's calling I'd probably play soccer too.

Let me start by saying I don't like Joe Buck. In fact, I've never liked Joe Buck. When I watch Saturday afternoon baseball or the playoffs on Fox, it takes everything in my power to stop from hitting the mute button. He doesn't add anything to my enjoyment of the game and, more often than not, his refusal to never shut up and let the game breathe a little bit makes for the equivalent of a drill-bit being bored into my head for more than three hours at a clip.

You can disagree with me if you want, but I believe that if it weren't for who his father was, Joe Buck and his droning, monotone, haughty and easily-outraged-by-Randy Moss style would be somewhere in rural Minnesota, announcing the details of that day's ice fishing contest.

Well, if there were any broadcasting justice and any chance to make my dream come true, rural Minnesota is where Joe Buck would end up after the comments he made on this morning's Colin Cowherd Show. Apparently not only does Joe Buck not enjoy baseball as much as he used to, he says would rather watch "The Bachelorette" instead of the game that, for some reason, has made him its preeminent voice.

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Post commentary-

In the age of unbiased commentators, I find most to be bland and boring. If I'm watching the local broadcast I WANT the announcers to be homers for the team. Give me Phil Rizzuto (RIP) and Bill White over any of the ham and eggers employed today. Even though Haray Carey was lit most of the time in the booth he was still more entertaining than 99% of the guys today.

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Anonymous said...

Watching and listening to the world series, it would appear that Joe has minimal experience in broadcasting. He is annoying and not experienced in baseball commentary. Actually, he is annoying in hearing his voice in the NFL as well. He does not have the finesse as compared to retired football players. Maybe he should consider politics????!!