Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ole Miss basketball schedule

Yes I'm a week late and a dollar short... sue me. You get what you pay for (g).
Ole Miss schedule

I say 18 wins for the Rebels with a 7-9 conference record.


Anonymous said...

louisville in cincy.....ouch! could this be a little andy kennedy advertising???

this is a knock 'em down, build 'em up schedule.

mid-season, five of seven on the road. (with uk at home in this stretch.....ooowwwww)

finish the conf. with four of the last six at home. build up for a march run???

ur thoughts on kennedy?

i think he's a good coach that ole miss ain't gonna hang on to much longer.

that louisville game IN CINCY is a calender game. kennedy would LOVE to upset pitino there for the cincy brass who spurned him to see. plus, good advertising.

bobbyjack said...

I think Ole Miss hangs on to Kennedy for a while. From everything I've read he likes it there and I think Ole Miss will pony up the cash to keep him.

As a coach... IMO he's top 4 in the conference. He gets a heck of a lot more out of his players that other SEC coaches. Saying that, I'm not sure how he'd translate to a bigger gig with "superstar" egos to deal with.

They scheduled 3 pretty good non-conference teams. If they put up a 2-1 record against Louisville, New Mexico, and WVU they might be a legitimate NCAA tourney team.

MSmilie said...

I think they've got a good enough squad coming back to post an additional win or two. They should be at least a .500 team in the conference. The third year might finally be the charm for Kennedy.
Kennedy has really impressed me so far. As you guys pointed out he gets a lot out of his players, and now he's starting to bring in recruits (their freshman class is the best in a while).
I have to agree with Finebammer though, someone is going to snatch him up sooner or later. Maybe not this year, but in another year or two when he's contended for the conference title. I just don't think there's enough of a serious commitment to basketball in Oxford to keep him around, particularly if Mick Cronin can't cut it in Cincinnati.

That's a very solid schedule (any idea who else is in the Wilkes classic? The website didn't have the teams listed yet). The game against WVU and Huggins should be a great one. Louisville may have too much for Ole Miss to keep up.

Ah, if only Bama were headed in a similar direction.

bobbyjack said...

Wilkes Classic:
IUPUI, Marshall, Utah, Morgan St, Bradley, and UWGB. They're still looking for another team. Ole
Miss should be the favorite.

Sadly, I think playing .500 ball in the west makes a contender.

Anonymous said...

andy kennedy wouldn't know me from mark gottfried's cat.

but he just has the look of a big time college basketball coach. i could be wrong.

plus, after coaching as an interim head coach at cincy, i have a hard time believing oxford can be that challenging for him.

don't get me wrong, i'd love for him to stay and run mark gottfried back to murray!

anyone have an opinion on manny??

i'm a sox fan and i think they're crazy if they run him off.

if all the red sox stepped their game up for the post-season like manny did last year (particularly the pitching staff) they would have swept everyone with no-hitters!

so he want to sit out a few regular season games. hey, reggie jackson didn't aways play great in the regular season either did he??

but what was that nickname???

bobbyjack said...

As a Yankee fan I'm hoping that Planet Manny takes residence in south Florida. He's been a Yankee killer for a long, long time.

We got Pudge... I didn't see that coming. All of a sudden I have hope that my Yanks are a WS contender.

King George had a great name for Dave Winfield... Mr. May.

Back to the topic... I see AK as a Dana Altman type coach. He'll excel at 2nd tier or below schools, but won't have the same success at a marquee one.

Saying that, if AK gets Ole Miss to the tourney I suspect he'll have a ton of chances to move up (if he so chooses).